Wood and Human Health

A recent study by the British University of Columbia and FPInnovations has concluded that there is a relationship between wood and human health. In this study, the presence of visual wood surfaces in a room decreased the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). The SNS is responsible for the responses to physiological stress.

This result opens a new way of an infinity of health benefits related to stress, thanks to the wood presence in the habitat.

We have a new tool for professional designers to promote health indoor thanks to wood use. Besides, there are confirmed tests.


See the study in the following link: Wood and Health

New Edgebanding range

The best way to provide the greatest solutions to our customers is thinking about their needs. That’s why NORTE Cantos has decided to expand its range of designs and give the best service to our costumers. We have launched to the market PVC edges based on melamine boards from the main Spanish manufacturers, such as DUO from FINSA, DIFFERENT from Losán, as well as the entire collection of Tableros Hispanos. All main national market of melamine boards is covered this way. These new additional products will allow NORTE Cantos to offer one of the widest ranges of edgebandins on the market.

Wood, nature’s great idea

Wood is the most ecological raw material in the world because it is natural, renewable and recyclable. Wood contributes to improving the climate and curbing climate change since it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. The economic management of forests in Europe means that forests are constantly growing year after year. Use wood: Nature´s great idea!