We offer one of the widest selection of veneers in the European market, graded under rigorous processes, in order to ensure the best customer service.

At NORTE Chapas we are thrilled to have achieved our customer’s recognition on our quality and speed service.

Within our modern facilities of more than 11,000 mwe have one of the largest veneers selections of the wood sector, highlighting our specialty in American hardwood and innovative prefabricated veneers.

We have more than 50 species, underlining American White Oak, American Walnut, European Oak, Vaporized Beech, Maple, Sapele, etc.

Our veneer grading process depends on quality and measures. Besides, we make a great effort for unifying colours. This is truly appreciated by our customers for simplifying their job.

In the following veneer selection, you can find information about the main species that we market. Please contact us if you need additional information or know more about other species.

Reconstituted veneer catalog


Reconstituted veneer technical information


Reconstituted veneer measures