The PVC edgebanding offer a very good resistance to impact and abrasion. They also have an excellent behaviour during their machining in cutting and milling processes.

The PVC edgebanding are covered on their visible side by lacquers that seal and protect the edgebanding. On the back side, they are covered by a “prymer”, which allows adhesives to give maximum adherence between the edgebanding and the board.

Its nature allows to choose between hundreds of alternatives in terms of shapes, sizes and designs.


We have a large stock of PVC designs suitable for covering most existing melamine boards in the market, providing an excellent service to our customers.

Due to the constant introduction of new melamine designs in the market, NORTE Cantos collaborates closely with the main particle board manufacturers, for the purpose of showing PVC edgebanding based on their latest collections.


In order to make our customers work easier, in addition to the generic samples, we have some new physical catalogues based on the main board manufacturers. Therefore, it is quicker to locate the desired design (you can request the samples delivery)


  • Available thickness: from 0.40 to 2 mm
  • Length: between 100m and 300m, depending on thickness and design


Use our edgebanding search engine to find your needed design (Go to the web browser)


What is remarkable about this product is that it does not require any preparation process for its varnishing due to the applied primer on the exposed surface.

Thickness: 0,4 and 1mm

Widths: From 14mm to 340mm

Rolls length: 300ml (0,4mm) y 120m (1mm)